I recently attended my friend and colleagues wedding to his wonderful Italian bride. Their wedding eloquently represented their beautiful personalities and colourful souls, with an array of friends and family members playing music, gorgeous rustic settings and an emphasis on weaving their creativity into every corner of the day. Part of this magic was reflected in the decorations which gave the wedding more character than any wedding I've been to in the past and which tickled me so, that I just has to share them with you. Especially as I had a hand in making some of them!

The setting for the actually ceremony took place at Dundonald Castle in Ayrshire which is at the top of a steep slope and looks out over the countryside. Awffy dark in there though with romantic tea lights lighting the inside and 'alter' so to my dismay my camera didn't do the place justice.

The reception, a non traditional affair with everyone invited for an informal sit-down BBQ, was at Dalduff Farm in Ayrshire. These rustic barns provided a fantastic canvas in which the bride (and groom) worked their talents. The table names artwork and plan were created by the bride, the couple saved and recycled glass jars to make tea light holders and table vases, they used wild ivy for decorations and metres and metres of bunting was made for not only the internal barns but the outside too. Strawbale seating and old furniture gave the guests a lovely outdoor space while the late evening sun shone and music spilled out from the main barns. Every detail was interesting, everywhere you looked something else was happening and it all tied in so beautifully.

I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking; rustic, charming and full of life. I wish to have as much personality and homemade creativity in my own wedding some day.