As a designer I find it difficult to figure out what I truly like, what I would design with no external influences. If a client has a particular style or affinity for one aesthetic I find I'll adapt my thinking to that way of designing, I'll make the best design, well proportioned and detailed to make the most of that idea. This is particularly hard when you're a design student. My design of choice is buildings and structures. So as an architecture student with no 'real' client encouraged to explore and indulge for a student project - what should I pick? The technique that I think is best for the project? The materials that do the least harm? The style I've worked the most with and will enhance my portfolio? Or the exact opposite and something I've never gone near before?

It's a difficult decision. And I don't like making them. I'd rather make something for someone in a way that I think is the right way rather than make something I think is the right way that someone might not want!

That must be the difference between architecture and other art and design trades. We rarely make something for ourselves! Do I need to learn to be more selfish and do it because I want to? Seems like I won't be giving the best service to my clients that way! Fine line really.